We welcome you to a very special International Summer Program. Only in 2021 and with limited availability!


We invite to an unforgettable time on board of a majestic cruise ship! This program will have extended time, that means our journey will be FIVE days through the beautiful Scandinavian shores.

Are you a beginner or even professional singer who wants to improve their singing abilities and take yourself to the next level? Join us for a unique academy on the sea! Perfect for your family to start the vacation, enjoy a special time together and experience breathtaking views on wonderful landscapes! Discover new places – Welcome to Voice, Body & Soul® XXL!

Students from all around the world come together in one place to celebrate music. Celebrating music with international renown star coaches, choirs and their partners. During our International Summer Program we bring people from all around the world together.

Package ”Observe”

Participants who get inspired by listening to star coaches. Who are beginners with their singing or even never thought about singing will be interested to be a part of a unique journey.

  • Administration fee of 2550 SEK (non-refundable)
  • Shared accommodation , double room (single room upon request)
  • Coffee, tea and water during the entire course
  • Snack & fruits, breakfast & dinner buffet during the course
  • Customer service during your entire program provided by a representative of Florian Voss Voice, Body & Soul®
  • Guest listener to all lectures
  • Sing-along with singers from all over the world
  • Personal experience through modern group exercises

18490 SEK

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Package ”Evolve”

Students who have been singing during their life at different occasions and who are willing to adjust their vocal skills and get inspired by totally new concept workshop.

  • Everything from Observe package


  • Evolve group sessions with star coach
  • Individual choir coaching

21450 SEK

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Package ”Perform”

Advanced singers who are dreaming of reaching their highest potential with their voices, their body and their soul as a unique instrument to touch people.

  • Everything from Observe & Evolve packages


  • Perform group sessions with star coach
  • 1 individual star coach session
  • 1 Voice, Body & Soul® coaching

24950 SEK

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Every year we are choosing a fabulous location for our summer academy, the perfect environment to allow you to focus on your voice, body & soul. During your international summer program, you will work both in individual and group classes. Individual classes will concentrate on your vocal technique and musical expression. Group sessions will focus on your breathing and speech technique, awareness of body language, focus and balance, and finally how to combine all these factors in our public Voice, Body & Soul® Coaching at the end of the course. This last coaching will give you the knowledge to become more aware of your individual potential as both a singer and performer.

Through the international recognition of our vocal studio, we have been able to host different celebrities from the international music business and Broadway.

Combining all these aspects will give you the strength and knowledge to become a stronger and happier you.

For more information please email to: info@konsertbutiken.se or give us a call: +46 76 306 72 58. Limited space only.  

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