Recorded Livestream with Lolli Persson 16.05.2022 Time: 17:15


We are very excited to introduce our first Konsertbutiken OnAir Interview: Louise "Lolli" Persson is the songbird from Stockholm. She is one of Konsertbutiken's artists who has sung and troubadoured since childhood. With the help of her musical father Janne, she learned to play the guitar and sing vocals.

In addition to Lolli participating in all school choirs during school time, she played football. But the dream of being on stage took over, and in 2016 she applied for Kulturama's Music Artist education. Since graduating in 2018, she has mainly worked as an Entertainment Team leader and show artist in London and the Mediterranean.

Since 2020, Lolli has been the Vice President of Monell events, which she runs together with her best friend and CEO, Lovisa Monell. Together, they tailor different show concepts based on what the customer wants.

This autumn, you will see Monell Events act as choir girls and tour around Sweden with Peter Jezewski's BeBopaluba Band. Join us for our Livestream on Monday, May 16, to discuss current events and learn more about Lolli's experience performing and plans for the future!

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