Recorded Livestream with Bengt Einarsson 16.05.2022 Time: 13:05


A big, warm welcome to our second Konsertbutiken OnAir Interviewee: Bengt Einarsson! Bengt was born in Stockholm but moved around quite a lot throughout his childhood, so he grew up in the USA, Lund, Canada, and Västerås. He took every opportunity to be in theater during his childhood as he quickly found his passion for the stage. He joined municipal children's theater, amateur theater associations, went to Skara school stage, and lastly entered the theater academy in Malmö.

Bengt's graduating class from the Theater Academy started Unga Konstnärliga Teatern, which they ran together for a year. Where he then went on to work at Ensemble Theater in Malmö for a few years before moving back to Stockholm. Here in Stockholm, his focus has been children's theater. From 2002-2012 he worked at Junibacken at Djurgården.

He has been involved with Comedy Art Theater for the past ten years and has participated in murder mysteries, ghost walks, and children's theater. Currently, you can find him playing "Father and flight with Alfons Åberg" on tour.

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