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Unique expertise & experience of Konsertbutiken Sverige AB.

Konsertbutiken Sverige AB is a creative management company. Thanks to more than 25 years of experience, Florian Voss has great expertise in creative management that leaves an impression and makes your experience something special.

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Konsertbutiken Sverige AB offers a combination of creative marketing solutions and entertainment! We have always had the privilege of working with brands, products and people we truly love. Something that in many ways has shaped the philosophy and vibe of our team! We are ambitious, creative and always open to collaboration.

For more than 8 years we have, together with our clients from the cultural, catering, hotel and many other sectors, developed a creative, efficient and flexible way of working where we focus on promoting your business. We propose a unique method and strategy that creates real business value. Your company is important to us and our mission is always based on your business goals.

We put at the heart of the promotion of our clients a strategy based on creativity, unique ideas and an inspiring vision. We are sure that effective, creative and entertaining communication offers that extra something and always gives better results. With a solid foundation in marketing management and creative ideas, we create a unique solution for you that, in the short and long term, effectively drives sales and creates engagement for your business!